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    J. Crosby Music

    1502 Pitner Ave                                  
    Evanston, IL 60201 • 847-615-2712
                                                 An experienced teacher with over    
                                                 10 years of horn teaching, Ms.
                                                 Crosby enjoys working with
                                                 students of all levels from
                                                 beginning to post graduate.  Ms.
                                                 Crosby is certified by the State Of
                                                 Illinois with a ‘Professional
                                                 Employment Regulation Card,’ and
                                                 passed all background checks
                                                 necessary to work with children.
Giving your students the tools
they need to succeed.
Purpose – To impact student’s lives by
helping them achieve their dreams and goals;
and to contribute to the academic and global
music community at large through
performance, teaching, and research.