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    Evanston, IL 60201

    jcrosbymusic.com • 847-615-2712
Giving your students the tools
they need to succeed.

  • Please submit a paragraph or
    one page essay (whichever
    would be appropriate for your
    year in school) and describe
    why you want to take lessons,
    why you like the horn and/or
    music in general, and your goals
    for the future.

  • Please schedule for a studio
    audition or email a video of you
    playing anything on the horn
    that you choose.  (2-10 minutes
    depending on age/level.)

  • Parents are welcome to attend
    any lesson at any time.  Parents
    and students should also be
    aware that playing a musical
    instrument is a physical activity
    and so the teacher will at times
    physically assist the student to
    show proper position and use of
    their arms, embouchure, lungs,
    diaphragm, and good posture.  
Required Audition Materials:
Application Form
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