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    J. Crosby Music

    1502 Pitner Ave                                  
    Evanston, IL 60201 • 847-615-2712

    An experienced teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, Ms. Crosby
    enjoys working with students of all levels.  An active member of the Suzuki
    Association of the Americas, Ms. Crosby often attends teacher training and
    continues to hone her skills and be active in the Suzuki community and is
    dedicated to the methodology of Dr. Suzuki.  Ms. Crosby has also been certified by
    the State Of Illinois with a ‘Professional Employment Regulation Card,’ and
    passed all background checks necessary to work with children.
The Promise…The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge

We as Suzuki teachers realize the unlimited possibilities of early education.   
We realize that every child can be educated.  Our purpose is to develop this
ability and present this fact to the world.  We are delighted to be teachers of
the Suzuki Method and fully comprehend the responsibilities we have as
teachers.   We will continue to study teaching in the future with much
reflection, and through this continuing study, we will be better able to
concentrate energies toward better teaching.  We solemnly affirm that we
will keep this promise as Suzuki method teachers, and always do our utmost
for our common purpose of educating the children of the world.  
Every Child Can, learn and Enjoy learning
piano.  Music lessons enhance a child’s learning
capabilities and promotes skills in self discipline, self
confidence, time management, problem solving,
creating non-competitive learning environments,
appreciation for music, and appreciation for beauty.  
“I wish everyday was
music lesson day.”
8 yr old student.
Currently enrolling students 4 -11 years old.

$480 Sept - mid Dec
$480  mid Jan - May

$200 summer session

Lesson and are designed for
30 minutes of instruction time.