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Experienced In Teaching All Levels

Middle School  
Materials used include Ms. Crosby’s
own method book   designed for
today’s young talented students.
    Basic Techniques:
    Sound Production,
    Expanding Range Ear
    Training: Solfège, Intervals,
    Music Theory:
    Reading Treble & Bass
    Clef, Scales, Keys
    Solos & Recital:
    Spring Recital Prep        

High School
    Basic Techniques, Sound
    Production, Ear Training, Music
    Theory Spring Recital Prep,
    Festival Prep, College Prep,
    Military Audition Prep,

College Undergraduate
    Basic Techniques, Sound
    Production, Repertoire Study
    (Excerpts), Practice Techniques,
    Solo Competition & Festival Prep,
    Audition Prep

Post Graduate
    Repertoire Study (Excerpts)
    Audition Prep, Musicianship &
Giving your students the tools
they need to succeed.